Does Mitsubishi Make a Pickup Truck in the United States?

Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that has been producing cars, SUVs, and light trucks since 1917. The company is known for its reliable and affordable vehicles, but does Mitsubishi make a pickup truck in the United States?

At the moment, Mitsubishi does not offer a pickup truck in the United States. However, Mitsubishi Motors does produce several pickup truck models in other countries across Asia, Europe, and South America. These include the L200 (also known as the Triton or Strada), Xpander Cross Pickup Truck, Express Van/Pickup Truck, and Delica D:5.

The L200 is a mid-size pickup truck with rugged off-road capability that has been produced since 1978. It is sold in several countries outside of the U.S., including Australia, Thailand, India, and Brazil. The Xpander Cross Pickup Truck is a newer model that was released in 2019 and is designed for smaller spaces and urban driving.

The Express Van/Pickup Truck and Delica D:5 are both van/pickup hybrids that were released in 1997 and 2005 respectively. These vehicles are designed to be versatile with seating for up to 7 passengers and roomy cargo beds.


Mitsubishi does not currently offer any pickup trucks for sale in the United States; however they have released several models in other countries such as Australia, Thailand, India, Brazil, and others. While these models may not be available to US customers at this time, it’s possible that Mitsubishi could release a pickup truck stateside at some point in the future.

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