Does My Truck Insurance Cover My Camper?

When you own a truck and camper, it is important to make sure they are both properly insured. If you’re wondering if your truck insurance will cover your camper, the answer is it depends. It can depend on the type of coverage you have, the age of the camper, and any additional endorsements or riders you may have added to your policy.

If you have a standard auto insurance policy for your truck, then it usually covers liability for damage to other vehicles that may be caused by an accident involving your truck. Liability coverage does not typically extend to damage that may be caused to the camper in an accident.

In addition to liability coverage, some auto policies also include coverage for physical damage or collision coverage. This type of coverage can help to pay for repairs if your truck is damaged in an accident. However, collision coverage will not typically cover damages that are done to your camper as a result of an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is an optional form of protection that can protect against non-collision related losses such as theft or fire. This type of coverage typically includes protection from events such as storms, floods, earthquakes and vandalism. Comprehensive coverage can help pay for repairs if your camper is damaged by one of these events.

Endorsements and Riders

Another way to insure both your truck and camper is through endorsements or riders on your policy. These are additional forms of protection that can be added to existing auto insurance policies in order to provide more comprehensive protection. Depending on the type of endorsement or rider you choose, it may provide full coverage for both vehicles.

Age of Camper

The age of the camper is also an important factor when considering insurance coverage. If the camper is more than 10 years old it may not be eligible for certain types of auto insurance policies or endorsements and riders.


In conclusion, whether or not your truck insurance covers your camper depends on several factors such as what type of policy you have and how old the camper is. It may also depend on any endorsements or riders that you have added to the policy. Be sure to speak with a qualified insurance professional about any questions regarding insuring both vehicles.

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