Does Saab Make a Pickup Truck?

Saab is a Swedish automaker that has been producing cars and sport utility vehicles since the 1940s. The company is well known for its safety features and innovative design.

For many years, Saab only made passenger cars, but in the late 1990s, they began to venture into the SUV and crossover market. Unfortunately, Saab has never ventured into the pickup truck market.

Even though Saab never made a pickup truck, they did have one concept design in 2008. The 9-3X was an all-wheel-drive wagon with a liftgate that could be converted into a small truck bed. It was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show but never went beyond the concept stage.

The idea of a Saab pickup truck resurfaced at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show when GM proposed creating such a vehicle for their global lineup. The plan included using parts from other GM vehicles to build the Saab pickup, but it never came to fruition because GM ended up selling Saab to another company.

Saab’s parent company, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), also considered entering the pickup truck market in 2016. They announced plans to produce an electric vehicle based on their 9-3 platform called “The Sonett”. However, NEVS eventually decided against it due to cost concerns.


So does Saab make a pickup truck? No, not at this time. Despite having some interesting concepts over the years, as well as plans from both GM and NEVS to produce one, nothing has ever come of them so far.

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Karen Watkins