Does the Bigfoot Monster Truck Still Race?

The Bigfoot Monster Truck has been a fixture in motorsport since its inception in 1974. The legendary truck has been driven by some of the best drivers in the business and has made its way around tracks, stadiums and other venues all over the world.

Over the years, Bigfoot has become a legend in the racing world and is seen as one of the most iconic monster trucks ever built. But does the Bigfoot Monster Truck still race?

The answer is yes! Although it isn’t as active as it was in its heyday, Bigfoot still participates in major races around the country.

It’s even been known to make appearances at smaller local events. The iconic truck is owned by Bob Chandler, who has been behind the wheel for many of its races over the years. He still drives it during special occasions, such as exhibition runs or charity events.

Bigfoot also participates in professional racing series from time to time. In recent years, it has competed in Monster Jam World Finals and other high-profile competitions.

It’s even been featured on television shows like “Monster Garage” and “Monster Jam”. Despite being an older vehicle, Bigfoot continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the track thanks to its powerful engine and durable frame.

Although it doesn’t compete as often as it used to, the Bigfoot Monster Truck still races. Bob Chandler continues to drive it at special events while also participating in major competitions from time to time. The truck remains an icon in motorsport circles and will likely continue to wow fans for many more years to come.

Conclusion: The Bigfoot Monster Truck continues to race today despite being an older vehicle compared to other monster trucks currently competing on professional circuits. It’s driven by Bob Chandler at special events while also participating in major competitions from time to time. Fans can rest assured that this legendary truck will continue wow them with its powerful engine and durable frame for many more years ahead!

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