Has Anyone Done a Double Backflip in a Monster Truck?

The double backflip in a monster truck is an impressive feat of athleticism and showmanship. It has been attempted by several drivers, but only one has successfully completed a double backflip in a monster truck.

In 2006, Travis Pastrana successfully completed the first ever double backflip in a monster truck at the X Games XII in Los Angeles. He was driving his modified Grave Digger truck at the time, and landed the flip perfectly. The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as he pulled off this remarkable feat.

Pastrana’s success with the flip spurred other drivers to attempt similar tricks in their own monster trucks. In 2008, Mike Metzger became the second person to complete a double backflip in a monster truck, at the Red Bull X Fighters event in Madrid, Spain. He was driving his own modified Grave Digger truck and he also landed it perfectly on all four wheels.

Since then, several other drivers have attempted to do double backflips with their own monster trucks but none have been successful. The trick requires extreme skill and precision to pull off safely, so it is no surprise that not many drivers have been able to accomplish it yet.

The double backflip is an impressive trick that takes tremendous skill and courage for any driver to attempt, let alone land successfully. To date, only two drivers have managed to pull off this daring stunt: Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger – both of whom are legends of the sport.

As technology advances and more stunts become possible with monster trucks, it will be interesting to see if anyone else can manage to do a successful double backflip in one of these powerful machines!

In conclusion, only two people have ever successfully done a double backflip in a monster truck: Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger. While many other drivers have attempted this daring stunt since then, none have been successful thus far – making these two men true pioneers of the sport!

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