How Big Is a Chevy Avalanche Truck Bed?

The Chevy Avalanche is a full-size truck with a unique, versatile design. It is the only truck to offer a “midgate” that can expand its cargo area from the cab to the tailgate.

The Avalanche also has an innovative, removable rear panel that can be removed to create an open cargo bed. With these features, it’s easy to see why the Avalanche has been a popular choice for many truck owners.

The bed of the Avalanche is one of its defining features, but how big is it? Depending on the year and model, the Chevy Avalanche truck bed size can vary from 5 feet 3 inches to 8 feet 2 inches. The short box models measure 5 feet 3 inches long and 63 inches wide, while the long box models measure 8 feet 2 inches long and 68 inches wide.

The Chevy Avalanche is also equipped with several other features that make it more functional and versatile. The rear panel of the bed can be removed when not in use, giving you access to even more storage space. There are also side rails that can be added for additional cargo tie-downs or as bumpers for extra protection.

The Chevy Avalanche also has plenty of room inside the cab for passengers and gear. The cabin measures up to 68 inches wide and 53 inches tall, giving you plenty of legroom and headroom for comfortable seating. If you’re looking for even more capacity for your passengers or cargo, you can opt for a crew cab version with four doors.


The Chevy Avalanche truck bed size varies between 5 feet 3 inches and 8 feet 2 inches depending on the year and model, making it one of the most versatile trucks on the market. It offers plenty of room inside its cab as well as an innovative removable panel in its cargo bed that adds even more storage capacity. With its versatility and ample passenger space, it’s no wonder why so many people opt for an Avalanche when they need a dependable full-size truck.

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