How Big Is the Bed in a Truck Camper?

Truck campers provide a unique way to enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining the convenience of a home on wheels. For those who want to maximize their space, the size of their camper’s bed can be an important factor in choosing the right vehicle. But how big is the bed in a truck camper?

The answer largely depends on the size and model of truck camper you choose. Smaller truck campers may only have a single bed, which is usually around 60 inches long and 42 inches wide.

This is usually enough to accommodate two people, but it may be too small for those who are taller or need more space. On the other hand, larger truck campers generally have more beds that can range from 60 to 80 inches in length and 40 to 60 inches in width.

In addition to length and width, a truck camper’s bed can also vary in height. Some models feature beds that are built into the floor, while others offer beds that are higher off the ground. This allows for more storage space beneath the bed and can make it easier for those with limited mobility to get in and out of.

Most truck campers come with mattresses included, but some owners prefer to bring their own. If you plan on bringing your own mattress, it’s important to measure both your mattress and your camper before making a purchase so that you know it will fit properly.


The size of a truck camper’s bed can vary greatly depending on its size and model. Smaller models usually have beds that measure around 60 inches long and 42 inches wide, while larger models might offer beds up to 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. It’s important to measure both your mattress and truck camper before making any purchases so that you know they will fit properly.

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