How Big Is the Bed of a Ram Truck?

The Ram Truck is a classic American staple, and is well-known for its spacious cabins and durable frame. But one of the most important features for anyone considering buying a Ram Truck is the size of the truck bed.

The standard Ram Truck bed size measures 6’4″ long, with a width of 5’7″. This size fits most standard loads, and can accommodate almost any type of cargo, from tools to furniture. The bed also has a maximum weight capacity of 1,800 lbs., making it ideal for hauling heavier items.

For those needing more room, the Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition offers an 8′ long bed. This truck also comes with special features such as an adjustable tie-down system and an available spray-on bedliner to keep your cargo protected from the elements.

The Ram 2500 has the largest cargo capacity of all the Ram trucks, with a 9’2″ bed length and 5’7″ width. It also has a maximum payload rating of 4,010 lbs., making it perfect for larger jobs. The 2500 is also equipped with an adjustable tie-down system that allows you to secure your cargo in place with ease.

No matter which model you choose, all Ram Truck beds are designed to be durable and reliable. They are made from high-strength steel and feature advanced corrosion protection for maximum durability in all types of weather conditions. The beds also come with special features such as LED lighting, integrated steps, and tailgates that can be easily locked or unlocked without tools.

Conclusion: The size of the bed on a Ram Truck varies depending on which model you choose, but they all come equipped with special features such as adjustable tie-downs and LED lighting to make hauling easier and more secure. No matter what type of job you need it for, there’s sure to be a Ram Truck that can handle it!

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