How Big Is the Lego Pickup Truck?

The Lego Pickup Truck is a popular model among Lego enthusiasts. It is a part of the Lego Technic series and is a very useful and versatile set.

With the help of this set, it is possible to create various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. The Lego Pickup Truck is made up of more than two hundred pieces, making it one of the largest pieces in the entire Technic series.

The size of the Lego Pickup Truck depends on how many pieces are used to construct it. If all pieces are used, then the pickup truck can measure over seven inches in length and five inches in width.

The pickup truck also has four wheels, which makes it a great vehicle for transporting cargo or passengers. It also has an adjustable suspension system that allows the user to customize its performance.

The color scheme for this model is mainly yellow and black. This combination gives it an aggressive look that stands out from other sets in the Technic series. The body parts are made from high-quality ABS plastic that ensures durability even when subjected to rough play or frequent use.

The Lego Pickup Truck comes with several accessories such as headlights and tail lights which add to its realistic look. Additionally, there are several moving parts that allow users to customize their own vehicle by adding features such as custom hoods or bumpers. It also includes working steering wheel and gear stick so that users can control their vehicle while playing.


The size of the Lego Pickup Truck varies depending on how many pieces are used during its construction. On average, it measures over seven inches in length and five inches in width with four wheels for transport purposes. It also comes with a variety of accessories that make it even more fun for children who enjoy building and playing with Legos.

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