How Big Is the Raminator Monster Truck?

The Raminator Monster Truck is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Standing over 11 feet tall and weighing over 10,000 pounds, it’s often referred to as “The Biggest and Baddest Monster Truck in the World”.

This massive truck is powered by a 12.7 liter engine, capable of producing up to 2000 horsepower – that’s enough to propel the Raminator to speeds of up to 100 miles per hour! It has 4-wheel drive, a 6-speed transmission, and a 9-foot long body made of steel and aluminum. On the outside it features a custom paint job with chrome accents, along with huge tires measuring nearly 5 feet tall.

The Raminator is most well known for its ability to crush cars – something it does easily thanks to its incredible weight and power. It’s even been featured on television shows like MythBusters and Pimp My Ride as an example of its incredible strength.

In addition to crushing cars, the Raminator has been used in several extreme sports competitions such as freestyle motocross events and monster truck rallies. It’s also served as a set piece for movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

So how big is the Raminator Monster Truck?

Simply put, it’s huge. With its 11 foot height, 10,000 pound weight, and 5 foot tires, there’s no denying that this monster truck is one of the largest on earth. Its sheer size and power make it an impressive machine that can tackle any obstacle in its path.

The Raminator Monster Truck is truly an engineering marvel – one that combines size, power, and style into one unforgettable vehicle.


The Raminator Monster Truck is a truly massive machine. With its 11 foot height, 10,000 pound weight, 5 foot tires and 2000 horsepower engine it stands out from other trucks around the world. Its sheer size and power are what make it such an impressive vehicle capable of tackling any obstacle in its path.

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