How Big Is the Rivian Truck Bed?

The Rivian Truck Bed is an impressive feat of engineering. It is the first all-electric pickup truck to hit the market and it promises to revolutionize the way people transport cargo. The truck bed measures in at 5.3 feet in length, 6.5 feet in width, and 7.3 feet in height. This translates to an impressive 66 cubic feet of storage capacity, which is enough space to store a variety of items, from work tools to camping gear.

The Rivian Truck Bed also features two distinct sections for storing cargo; a main cargo area and a smaller bed behind the cab that can be used as additional storage or for seating when needed. The main cargo area features tie-down points for securing heavier loads, as well as two standard 12-volt outlets for powering devices on the go. This area also includes 13 adjustable mounting points for securing items like bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor gear.

The smaller bed behind the cab has a flat surface that can be used as an additional seating or sleeping area when needed. This section also features two tie-down points and two additional 12-volt outlets that can be used to power devices such as phones or laptops while on the road.

In addition to its impressive size and versatile storage options, the Rivian Truck Bed is also designed with convenience in mind; it includes several hidden compartments that are perfect for stowing away tools or other small items when not in use.


The Rivian Truck Bed is an impressive piece of engineering that offers plenty of storage space with its 66 cubic feet capacity along with convenient features like adjustable mounting points and hidden compartments. With its large size and versatile design, it’s no wonder why this truck bed has become so popular among drivers looking for an all-electric pickup truck option.

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