How Big Is the Truck Bed on the New Ford Maverick?

The new Ford Maverick is an exciting addition to Ford’s line of trucks, offering a variety of features that make it perfect for both work and leisure. But one of the most important things to consider when choosing a truck is how big the truck bed is. Fortunately, the Ford Maverick offers plenty of room in the truck bed for all your cargo needs.

Bed Size

The Ford Maverick has a generous truck bed size of 5.5 ft long, 6 ft wide, and 2 ft deep. This provides plenty of space to load up your cargo and get the job done. You can also expect plenty of tie-down points located around the bed, making it easy to secure whatever you need to transport.

Payload Capacity

In addition to its impressive size, the Ford Maverick also offers an impressive payload capacity of 1,400 pounds. This allows you to carry heavier items without worrying about overloading your truck. The payload capacity is also enhanced by the robust frame and suspension system that helps provide a smooth ride even when fully loaded.

Additional Features

The Ford Maverick doesn’t just offer plenty of room in its truck bed; it also comes with several other features that make it great for hauling cargo. For instance, there are two available power outlets located in the back of the cab that allow you to power tools or charge electronic devices while on the go. Additionally, there are two available storage compartments under the rear seats that provide ample storage space for small items like tools or camping gear.

Conclusion: The new Ford Maverick offers a generous truck bed size and payload capacity that makes it perfect for both work and leisure activities. Its many additional features make it even more convenient and capable when hauling cargo. With its impressive size and strength, you can be sure that your cargo will be safe and secure no matter where you go with your new Ford Maverick.

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