How Can I Make My RC Car Range Better?

If you are an RC car enthusiast, you understand how important it is to have a car with a good range. However, not all RC cars come with great range.

In fact, some cars may only be able to go a few feet before the signal cuts out and your car stops. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase the range of your RC car.

Upgrade Your Antenna

RC cars usually come with simple antenna designs. These antennas have limited range and can easily be outperformed by more powerful antennas.

Consider upgrading your antenna to one that is larger and has more gain, such as an omni-directional or directional antenna. This will help boost the signal strength and extend the range of your RC car.

Choose A Better Battery

The battery in your RC car also plays an important role in determining its range. If you use a low-quality battery or one that is too small for your vehicle, it will not be able to provide enough power for a long-distance ride. Look for higher quality batteries that are designed for your specific model of RC car.

Use A Radio Transmitter With A Longer Range

The radio transmitter you use also affects the range of your RC car. If you choose a transmitter with a longer range, it will be able to send signals farther than before. Look for transmitters with features such as frequency hopping or spread spectrum technology which can help extend the distance the signal can travel.


By upgrading your antenna, choosing a better battery and using a radio transmitter with longer range, you can significantly improve the range of your RC car. With these tips in mind, you can make sure that your vehicle has all the power it needs to go further than ever before!

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James Gardner