How Do Bed Rails Attach to Truck?

Bed rails are a convenient and practical way to add additional storage space, cargo protection, and a sleek look to the bed of a truck. Bed rails are typically composed of two parallel metal bars, running along the length of the bed on either side.

Each bar is typically mounted to the truck’s frame by four bolts. This allows them to provide a sturdy foundation for attaching other accessories such as tie-down cleats or bike racks.

Attaching bed rails to a truck is a straightforward process that requires minimal tools and experience. The first step is to measure the length of the bed rails and mark where they should be installed on the frame.

Most bed rails come with pre-drilled holes that match up with those on the frame, so it’s important to make sure these measurements are accurate. Once these measurements have been checked, it’s time to begin drilling.

Using at least one drill bit slightly larger than the size of the mounting bolts that came with your bed rails, carefully drill four holes into each side of the frame. Then, feed each bolt through its corresponding hole in the rail and secure it in place with a washer and nut on both sides. After all four bolts have been tightened, check them again for security.


Bed rails can be easily attached to a truck using basic tools and some patience. By accurately measuring where they will be installed on the frame and carefully drilling four holes for each rail, anyone can easily secure bed rails onto their truck in no time at all.

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