How Do I Become a Tow Truck Driver in Arkansas?

Tow truck drivers in Arkansas provide an invaluable service, helping to keep roads and highways safe by quickly responding to stranded motorists. To become a tow truck driver in Arkansas, you must possess the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as meet the state’s licensing requirements. Here is a brief guide on how to become a tow truck driver in Arkansas:

Step 1: Be at least 21 Years Old

The minimum age requirement for tow truck drivers in Arkansas is 21 years old. You should also have a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Arkansas.

Step 2: Obtain Training and Certification

The next step is to obtain the necessary training and certification from an approved school or program. These programs may include classroom instruction and/or hands-on practical training.

Step 3: Apply for Licensing

Once you’ve completed your training, you can then apply for licensing with the Arkansas State Police (ASP). The ASP has specific requirements that must be met before you can receive your license, including passing a written exam, completing a physical examination, and submitting to a criminal background check.

Step 4: Obtain Insurance

You must also obtain insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the state’s minimum insurance requirements before you can begin working as a tow truck driver in Arkansas. This insurance should cover both personal injury and property damage caused by your operations.


Becoming a tow truck driver in Arkansas requires meeting certain qualifications and obtaining proper training and certification. Once these have been completed, applicants must apply for licensing with the Arkansas State Police, as well as obtain adequate insurance coverage to legally operate a tow truck in the state. With the right qualifications, knowledge, and experience under your belt, you’ll be ready to hit the road as an official tow truck driver in Arkansas!

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