How Do I Get a DOT Number for My Tow Truck?

For anyone looking to start a towing business, it is important to know how to get a DOT number for their tow truck. This is because the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all commercial trucks over 10,000 pounds be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Every vehicle that is registered will receive a unique DOT number.

The first step in obtaining a DOT number for your tow truck is registering your business. You can do this online at the FMCSA website or you can do it through the mail by filling out an MC-150 form. Once your business has been registered, you will be given a USDOT number.

The next step in getting your DOT number is to obtain proof of insurance. Every commercial truck must have minimum liability insurance coverage of $750,000 in order to be legally registered. You will need to show proof of insurance in order for your DOT number application to be approved.

Once you have submitted proof of insurance, you will need to fill out an application for your DOT number. This can be done either online or through the mail by filling out an MCS-150 Form.

This form will ask for information about the company and its vehicles, as well as the driver’s information. Once you have submitted this form, you should receive your DOT number within 30 days.

Finally, once you have received your DOT number, it is important that it remain up-to-date and valid at all times. The FMCSA requires that companies re-register every two years and submit updated information about their vehicles and drivers. If any changes are made during this time period, such as adding new vehicles or drivers, they must also be reported.


Getting a DOT Number for a tow truck is essential for any business looking to enter into the commercial trucking industry. It requires registering with the FMCSA and providing proof of insurance before submitting an application for a unique DOT Number. Once approved and received, it is important that this number remains valid by re-registering every two years and notifying the FMCSA of any changes made during this time period.

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