How Do I Get Water Out of My Truck Bed?

One of the most common issues drivers have to deal with is water in the truck bed. Whether it’s from a heavy rain or a car wash, it can be a real hassle trying to get the water out of your truck bed.

The good news is, there are several tried and tested methods for getting water out of your truck bed that are quick and easy.

1. Use a Shop Vacuum
Using a shop vacuum is one of the most efficient ways to get water out of your truck bed.

A shop vacuum has powerful suction power that will quickly suck up all the water from your truck bed in no time. Make sure you use an extension cord so you can reach all corners of the truck bed and make sure you empty the vacuum frequently as it will fill up quickly.

2. Use Towels or Absorbent Cloths
If you don’t have access to a shop vacuum, towels and absorbent cloths are great alternatives for sucking up water from your truck bed. Simply lay them down on top of any puddles and allow them to soak up as much water as possible before disposing of them in a bucket or draining them outside.

3. Use Cat Litter
Another great way to get water out of your truck bed is by using cat litter.

This method works best if there isn’t too much standing water in the bed, but it can be effective if used correctly. Simply spread cat litter over any puddles that are present and wait for about an hour for it to absorb as much moisture as possible before sweeping it away.

4. Use Paper Towels

Paper towels are also great for absorbing any moisture that may be present in your truck bed, especially if there isn’t too much standing water.

Simply tear off sheets of paper towels and lay them over any puddles before they absorb the liquid and then dispose of them appropriately.

These are some simple yet effective methods for getting water out of your truck bed quickly and easily. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your truck dry no matter how hard it rains!


Getting rid of excess moisture in your truck bed doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming – with these four tips, you’ll be able to get rid of any unwanted liquid quickly and easily! Whether you use a shop vacuum, towels or cloths, cat litter or paper towels – each method works great when used correctly so you won’t have to worry about dealing with wetness again!

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