How Do I Install a Power Inverter in My Truck Bed?

Installing a power inverter in a truck bed is an easy way to add electrical outlets and features to the back of a pickup truck. Not only will this provide more convenience when camping or tailgating, but it can also be used for powering tools and other equipment when needed.

The first step in installing an inverter is to choose the right model for your vehicle. It is important to select an inverter that is rated for the amount of wattage you plan to use. You should also consider any special features such as surge protection, noise reduction, and other options that may be available on some models.

Once you have selected the right model, it’s time to install it. Mounting the unit typically involves using bolts and brackets that are provided with the inverter. If you don’t have access to these items, then you can use velcro or zip ties instead.

Next, you will need to connect the power cables from your battery to the inverter. Make sure all of your connections are secure and free of corrosion before continuing. Finally, attach any additional wiring that may be required for powering other devices or accessories.

Safety Precautions

Before turning on your new power inverter, make sure all connections are secure and double check all wiring for any potential hazards. Additionally, avoid placing the unit near any flammable materials such as fuel tanks or engine compartments as these areas can become extremely hot during operation.


Installing a power inverter in a truck bed is a great way to add convenience when camping or tailgating. With proper installation and safety precautions taken, you can enjoy having extra electrical outlets and features wherever your travels may take you.

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