How Do I Keep My Luggage From Moving in My Truck Bed?

It can be dangerous and downright annoying when your luggage moves around in the back of your truck bed. Not only can it cause damage to your items, but it can also become a hazard while on the road. Luckily, there are ways to keep your luggage from moving around in the bed of your truck.

Organize Your Belongings

The first step to keeping your items secure is to make sure you’re packing them correctly. Place the heaviest items in the middle of the truck bed and spread out lighter items on either side. This will help evenly distribute the weight and reduce shifting during travel.

Secure With Straps

Once you have all of your items organized, use straps or bungee cords to secure them into place. Wrap the straps around each item individually and then attach them securely to a hook or D-ring inside the truck bed. This will help keep everything in place during transit.

Use Tarps or Liners

Another way to keep your items secure is to invest in a tarp or liner for your truck bed. Tarps are inexpensive and provide an extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, and moisture that may be present in the truck bed.

Liners are also an option if you’re looking for added protection as they provide a cushion between your belongings and any sharp edges in the truck bed.


Keeping your luggage from moving around in a truck bed requires some organization, straps, and protective coverings such as tarps or liners. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that all of your belongings stay safe and secure while you’re on the road.


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