How Do I Keep My Truck Camper From Shifting?

Truck campers are a great way to take your camping to the next level, allowing you to bring all the creature comforts of home with you as you explore the world. But if your truck camper isn’t secured properly, it may shift and sway while you drive, making for an uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your truck camper remains secure and in place when driving.

Invest in a quality suspension system. The suspension system is what keeps your truck camper from shifting and swaying while you drive.

Investing in quality components that are designed to handle the weight of your camper will provide superior stability and keep the camper from shifting around. Additionally, make sure that all components are properly installed.

Check the tires regularly. Make sure that all of the tires on your truck and trailer are properly inflated and in good condition. Properly inflated tires help distribute weight evenly, reducing any unnecessary movement of the truck camper.

Securely tie down the camper. Make sure that all straps or cables used to tie down your truck camper are secure.

Utilize ratchet straps or other heavy-duty tie-down systems for additional security. Additionally, use pads or cushions between any metal parts on the frame of your truck and those on your camper to minimize rattling or vibration during transit.

Add additional support. You can also add additional support by using braces or chocks placed between your vehicle’s frame and those on the camper. This helps reduce movement due to bumps or potholes in the road while providing extra stability.


By investing in a quality suspension system, checking tires regularly, securely tying down the camper, and adding additional support with braces or chocks, you can keep your truck camper from shifting while driving. Doing so will provide a more comfortable experience when out on the open road.

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