How Do I Keep Things From Rolling in My Truck Bed?

Having an open truck bed can be a great asset when moving large items, but it can also be a challenge when items are rolling around in the bed. Trucks are not typically designed to carry lighter items, so securing them properly is important to prevent them from rolling around and potentially getting damaged or causing an accident. It’s not always easy to keep things from rolling in the truck bed, but there are some steps you can take to make sure your belongings stay put.

Use Straps

Using straps is one of the best ways to keep items from rolling around in your truck bed. Straps come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits whatever needs you have. Make sure it’s tight enough that it won’t come loose while you’re driving, but not so tight that it causes damage to whatever you’re holding down.

Add Some Bumpers

You may want to consider adding bumpers or side rails along the sides of your truck bed. This can help keep items from sliding off the sides as well as helping to prevent them from rolling around. If you don’t want something permanent, there are also removable bumpers that can be taken on and off as needed.

Utilize the Space

Utilizing the space in your truck bed is another great way to keep items from rolling around. You can use simple storage bins or containers and fill them with whatever items you need to transport. This will help keep everything organized and secure during transit.

Cover It Up

If you have a truck with a canopy or tonneau cover, this is a great way to keep things secure while they’re being transported. Not only will it help keep everything in place, but it will also protect your belongings from the elements.


Keeping things from rolling in your truck bed can be challenging. However, by taking some simple steps such as using straps, adding bumpers or side rails, utilizing available space with storage containers and/or using a canopy or tonneau cover – you can ensure that your belongings stay safe and secure during transit.

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