How Do I Make a Flag Holder for My Truck Bed?

Hauling a flag in the bed of a truck can be a great way to show pride in one’s country, or signal membership in a club. For those who plan to take their flag on the road, it’s important to make sure that it flies safely and securely.

A homemade flag holder made from materials found at any hardware store is an easy, cost-effective way to make sure the flag is held securely and safely.

To make a flag holder for the truck bed, begin by purchasing the necessary materials. These include two U-bolts with nuts, four washers and two large flat washers.

The size of these items should be appropriate for the size of truck bed.

Once all of the materials have been gathered, start by determining where along the sides of the bed the U-bolts are going to be mounted. It’s important to choose locations that are even on both sides and a few inches away from the ends of the bed.

Drilling Holes:

Using a drill, create two holes on each side of the truck bed. These holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of each U-bolt so they can fit through easily without becoming stuck or damaged in any way.

Attaching U-Bolts:

Once both holes have been drilled, attach one U-bolt through each side with nuts and washers on either end.

Make sure that all nuts are tightened securely so there is no risk of them coming loose while driving.

Attaching Flag Holder:

Finally, attach two large flat washers to each side of one end of the U-bolts so that they can hold up a flagpole or other type of support for your flag. Make sure that these washers are also tight so they won’t slip off while driving.


Making a flag holder for your truck bed is an easy project that requires minimal tools and materials. With just some basic supplies from any hardware store, you can ensure that your flag flies safely and securely wherever you go.

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