How Do I Make My Truck Bed Longer?

Truck beds are useful for carrying cargo and other materials, but they can be too small to fit larger items. If you need a truck bed that is longer than the one you have, there are several options available. You can choose to extend your truck bed by adding a few feet of extra space or build an entirely new bed from scratch.

Adding Additional Length

One option is to buy an extension kit from an aftermarket company that specializes in truck accessories. The kit typically consists of two metal frames, four cross tubes and other hardware.

The frames are attached to the sides of the existing bed and the cross tubes are placed across the top to stabilize the extension. This option is faster than building a new bed from scratch, but it will cost more money for the extension kit and installation.

Building a New Bed

If you have carpentry skills and access to woodworking tools, then you can build a custom bed from scratch. You will need lumber, screws, nuts and bolts as well as some basic tools such as saws, drills and wrenches.

Start by measuring out the dimensions of your truck’s frame and then cut your lumber accordingly using saws or power tools. Assemble all of the pieces together using screws or nuts and bolts until you have created a sturdy frame with enough room for your cargo.

Finishing Touches

Once your frame is assembled, add additional supports such as cross beams or diagonal braces for extra stability. You can then finish off your new bed with paint or sealant to protect it from rain and sun damage. Adding storage boxes, toolboxes or racks is also an option if you want more organization.


No matter which option you choose – extending your existing truck bed or building a new one – adding length to your truck bed can provide additional cargo space for larger items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in its original size. With some planning, patience and skillful craftsmanship, making your truck bed longer is an achievable goal that will provide convenience when transporting goods

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