How Do I Measure My Truck Bed for a Cover?

Getting the right cover for your truck bed is essential in protecting its contents and keeping it in good condition. But how do you make sure you’re getting the right size?

Measuring your truck bed is the first step in finding the right cover for your vehicle. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Measure length and width. Start by measuring the length of your truck bed, from bumper to bumper.

Then measure the width of your truck bed from one side of the wheel well to the other. Make sure to include any additional protrusions or accessories on either end that may affect your measurements.

Step 2: Measure depth. You’ll also need to measure the depth of your truck bed, which is usually measured from the top edge of the bed rail down to the bottom of your tailgate (if applicable). Make sure to measure all sides, as some beds may have different depths on each side.

Step 3: Account for accessories. If you have any accessories such as a toolbox or tonneau cover, you’ll need to account for them when measuring your truck bed. Measurements will vary depending on what type of accessory you have and its size.

Step 4: Record measurements. Once you’ve taken all of your measurements, record them in a place where you can easily refer back to them when shopping for a truck bed cover.

Measuring your truck bed accurately is essential when shopping for a cover that fits properly and protects its contents. Follow these steps and record all measurements so that you can get the right cover for your vehicle.

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