How Do Monster Truck Shocks Work?

Monster trucks are a popular form of entertainment and hobby for many people. They are large vehicles, typically lifted off the ground with huge tires, that can crush cars and jump over obstacles.

Monster truck shocks are an integral part of the vehicle’s suspension system and provide a crucial element in the vehicle’s performance.

Monster truck shocks are designed to absorb the force from impacts with the ground and other objects. The shock absorber is a cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid that has a piston inside it.

When force is applied to the shock absorber, the piston pushes against the hydraulic fluid, which absorbs some of the energy from the impact. This energy is then dissipated as heat and helps protect other components from excessive wear or damage.

Shock absorbers also help control the bounce of a monster truck after impact or when traveling over jumps. Without shock absorbers, a monster truck would continue to bounce until it reached its natural frequency, which could cause it to become unstable or even flip over in mid-air. Shock absorbers dampen this oscillation and ensure that a monster truck has enough stability and control while airborne.

Monster truck shocks come in several different types including air shocks, coilovers, dual rate shocks, bypass shocks and triple bypass shocks. Each type has its own unique features, benefits and drawbacks but generally speaking all monster truck shock absorbers work in a similar fashion.


Monster Truck Shocks are an essential part of any monster truck’s performance, providing stability for jumps and impacts by absorbing energy from impacts and controlling bounce after landing. Different types of monster truck shocks are available on the market with their own unique features, benefits and drawbacks but all generally work in a similar fashion.

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