How Do You Attach a Camper Shell to a Truck?

Attaching a camper shell to a truck is an excellent way to increase the storage space of your pickup. It also adds a layer of protection from the elements and helps to reduce wind noise when driving.

But it can be difficult to know where to start when considering how to attach a camper shell to your truck. Here are some tips and considerations when attaching your camper shell.

Choosing the Right Parts: The first step in attaching a camper shell is making sure you have the right parts for your truck. Different models and makes of trucks require different parts for proper installation, so make sure you know what type of truck you have before purchasing any parts. Additionally, check what size bed you have as this will determine the size of the camper shell that will fit.

Mounting Clamps: After selecting the right parts and size of the camper shell, it’s time to install mounting clamps onto the bed rails at each corner of your truck bed. The clamps should fit snugly around each rail and be securely fastened with bolts or screws.

Lining Up: Now that the clamps are in place it’s time to line up your camper shell with them. Carefully lift each corner into place and make sure they are lined up correctly before attempting to fasten them down.

Fastening: Once everything is lined up properly, use bolts or screws to secure the clamps onto your camper shell. Make sure everything is tight and nothing is loose before moving on.

Sealing: Once all four corners are secured, it’s time to seal up any gaps between your truck bed and the camper shell. This can be done with weatherproof sealant or caulk, which will help keep moisture out and help ensure a snug fit.

With these simple steps, you can easily attach a camper shell to your truck in no time at all! Just make sure you purchase the right parts for your model of truck and take care when lining up and fastening everything together.

With careful installation, you’ll soon be taking advantage of all that extra storage space and protection from Mother Nature!


Attaching a camper shell to a truck can seem daunting but with proper preparation it can actually be quite easy! Just make sure you know what type of truck you have, purchase appropriate mounting clamps for each corner, line up correctly before fastening down with bolts or screws, then seal any gaps between your bed rails and camper shell with weatherproof sealant – et voilà – You’re done!

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