How Do You Build a Truck Camper?

Building a truck camper is a great way to get out and explore the outdoors. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to tow a trailer or invest in an RV, and it can be done relatively cheaply if you have the right tools and materials.

Types of Truck Campers

Before you start building your truck camper, it’s important to understand the different types available and decide which one is right for you. There are three basic types of truck campers: hard-side, pop-up, and flatbed.

Hard-side Truck Campers

These are the most common type of truck campers and they provide the most protection from the elements. They have fiberglass or aluminum walls that are permanently attached to the bed of your truck, as well as windows, doors and other features that give it a more home-like feel. The downside is that these campers tend to be heavier than other models due to their construction materials.

Pop-up Truck Campers

Pop-up truck campers are exactly what they sound like – they “pop up” when you need them. They usually come with canvas sides that can be opened or closed depending on your needs at any given moment. These tend to be lighter than hard side models, but they also don’t offer as much protection from the elements.

Flatbed Truck Campers

Flatbed truck campers are essentially just beds mounted on the back of your truck with no walls or other features attached. These are great for people who want something lightweight but still need some protection from the elements. These typically don’t offer as much storage space as hard side or pop-up models, however.

Gathering Materials

Once you know what type of camper you want to build, it’s time to gather the materials you will need for construction. This could include anything from lumber and plywood for framing, insulation, roofing materials, windows and doors. You will also need tools such as saws, drills, hammers and screwdrivers in order to complete your project safely and effectively.

Creating a Plan

In order to ensure that your camper is structurally sound and able to withstand any weather conditions you may encounter on your travels, it’s important to create a detailed plan before beginning construction. This should include measurements for each piece of material used in the project as well as diagrams outlining how everything should fit together when completed.

Constructing Your Camper

Once all of your materials have been gathered and your plan has been created, it’s time to start building! Depending on what type of camper you chose (hard side vs pop up vs flat bed) there could be slightly different steps involved in constructing each one but generally speaking it will involve cutting pieces of wood for framing, attaching insulation/roofing material/windows/doors etc., securing everything together with screws/nails/bolts etc., wiring up electrical components (if applicable) etc.. It may take some time but with patience and attention to detail you should be able to construct a quality camper in no time!


Building a truck camper can seem daunting at first but if approached properly it can be an enjoyable experience with rewarding results! There are three basic types available (hard side, pop up & flat bed) each with its own set of pros & cons so make sure you choose one that best fits your needs before getting started! You will also need all the necessary materials & tools along with a plan outlining how everything should fit together when completed before beginning construction – after that just take things slow & enjoy building your own custom made camper!

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