How Do You Carry a Ladder on a Pickup Truck?

If you need to transport a ladder from one place to another, the best way to do so is by carrying it on a pickup truck. This is a cost-effective and safe way of transporting ladders as they can be secured tightly to the truck bed, preventing them from getting damaged or falling off. However, it is important to take some precautions when transporting ladders on pickup trucks, as proper loading and securing techniques are essential for safe transportation.

When carrying a ladder on a pickup truck, the first step is to make sure that the truck bed is clean and free of any debris that could cause damage to the ladder. Next, lay out two or three thick blankets or pads in the center of the truck bed. This will provide cushioning and prevent any scratches or dents from occurring on the ladder while in transit.

Once the blankets are laid out, lower the tailgate of your pickup and place one end of your ladder onto the blankets. Make sure that your ladder is centered in the bed and then slowly raise it up until it stands upright against the tailgate. If you need extra support for your ladder, you can use bungee cords or nylon straps to secure it in place.

Important Note: Once your ladder is secured and in place, never leave it unattended! Even if you think it’s secure enough for transport, be sure to check its position every few miles just in case.


Carrying a ladder on a pickup truck can be done safely as long as you take some precautions like ensuring that your truck bed is clean before loading your ladder onto it and using bungee cords or nylon straps to secure it firmly in place. Always remember never leave your ladder unattended while transporting!

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