How Do You Carry Your Bike on a Truck Camper?

Carrying your bike on a truck camper can be an intimidating prospect. There are a few key points to consider when deciding how to transport your bike on a truck camper.

Secure Your Bike:

The first and most important step is to make sure your bike is secure.

You should always use straps or cables to tie the bike down firmly and safely. Make sure that the straps or cables are tight enough that the bike can’t move, but not so tight that they damage the frame or tires. If possible, use multiple straps and cables for extra security.

Choose an Appropriate Location:

You should also choose an appropriate location for your bike. The best place is usually on a rack that is mounted in the bed of the truck camper.

However, if you do not have a rack, you can also put your bike in the cab of the truck camper or even on the roof. Make sure that whatever location you choose is secure and won’t cause any damage to either your bike or your truck camper.

Consider Size and Weight:

When deciding where to put your bike, it’s important to consider both size and weight. If you have a large or heavy bike, it may be best to mount it on a rack in the bed of the truck camper as this will help distribute its weight evenly across the vehicle.

Check for Clearance:

It’s also important to check for clearance when carrying a bicycle on a truck camper. Depending on how high off the ground it is, there may be obstacles such as signs, trees, or power lines that could interfere with its movement.


Carrying your bike on a truck camper can be an intimidating prospect but with proper preparation and knowledge of safety tips, it doesn’t have to be! By selecting an appropriate location for your bike, securely strapping it down with multiple straps or cables, considering size and weight restrictions, and checking for clearance before hitting the road; you’ll ensure that you get where you’re going safely.

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