How Do You Change a Semi Truck Tire?

Changing a semi truck tire can be intimidating and require a lot of manual labor. It is important to understand the process before attempting it, as improper technique could cause injury or damage to the vehicle. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to safely change a semi truck tire.

Step 1: Make sure the vehicle is in a safe and secure location. If you are on the side of the road, use cones and other markers to ensure no one drives too close to you.

Step 2: Use jack stands or other supports to secure the vehicle in place before you begin. Make sure they are placed properly and not over an area where liquid may accumulate.

Step 3: Remove the lug nuts from the wheel with an appropriate wrench or socket. Be sure not to over tighten them as this can cause damage.

Step 4: Place the jack under the frame of the truck and slowly lift it until it is slightly higher than what you will need for changing out the tire. At this point, do not raise it any further.

Step 5: Carefully remove the damaged tire from its wheel and place aside in a safe location. Put on gloves if necessary, as old tires can contain sharp objects such as broken glass or metal shards.

Step 6: Put on the new tire onto its wheel and make sure it is secure before lowering it down onto its hub. You may need help from another person for this step.

Step 7: Tighten down all of the lug nuts with an appropriate wrench or socket until they are snug but not overly tight.


In conclusion, changing a semi truck tire can be intimidating but can be done safely if done according to these steps. Be sure to take all necessary precautions while doing so, and never attempt it without help if possible.

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