How Do You Change Gears on a Semi Truck?

Changing gears on a semi truck is a skill that most truck drivers must have in order to operate their vehicle safely and efficiently. The process of shifting gears is slightly different than that of a car, as semi trucks have more gears and require some additional skill. However, once the basics are understood, changing gears on a semi truck can become an easy process.

When changing gears on a semi truck, it’s important to know which gear you are currently in so that you can shift up or down accordingly. Before shifting, you should press the clutch pedal all the way down to its furthest point and bring the engine RPMs to an idle. This allows for smoother shifting and prevents any damage from occurring.

Once the engine is at idle, use your left hand to move the gearshift lever into either first or reverse gear depending on which direction you are heading. If going forward, move the lever into first gear; if reversing, move it into reverse. When moving it up or down between other gears, make sure that your foot is still firmly pressing down on the clutch pedal.

When moving up through the gears, it’s important to remember that each gear has its own speed range and should not be used beyond that range as doing so could cause damage to the transmission. For example, when shifting from second to third gear, you should wait until your speed has reached 40 mph before engaging third gear.

When coming to a stop at an intersection or traffic light, you will need to shift back into first gear before coming to a complete stop. To do this without grinding your transmission or stalling out your engine, press the clutch pedal all the way down while simultaneously moving your left hand onto the gearshift lever and pushing it down into first gear.


Changing gears on a semi truck is easy once you understand how each of its many gears work together. Knowing when and how to shift up or down can help ensure smooth transitions without any damage being done to your vehicle’s transmission. Following these steps can help make changing gears on a semi truck an easy and efficient process for any driver.

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