How Do You Change the Pigtail on a Semi Truck?

Changing the pigtail on a semi truck is an important maintenance job that should be done regularly to ensure safe operation of the vehicle. The pigtail is the electrical cord that connects the tractor and the trailer, and it is responsible for providing power to the trailer for lights, brakes, and other functions. If the pigtail becomes damaged, it can be dangerous and cause problems with the vehicle’s performance.

The first step in changing a semi truck’s pigtail is to disconnect both ends of the cord from their respective connections. This should be done carefully so as not to damage any of the electrical components.

Once disconnected, you should inspect both ends of the pigtail for any cuts or fraying in the insulation or wires. If any damage is found, it should be repaired before attempting to re-connect.

Once inspected and cleared for re-connection, you will need to select a new pigtail that matches your vehicle’s specifications. You can purchase a replacement pigtail from most auto parts stores or online retailers. It is important to select a cord that matches your vehicle’s size and type so that it will fit properly and provide enough power for all your needs.

Next, you will need to attach one end of the new pigtail to its connection on your tractor and then attach the other end of it to its connection on your trailer. You may want to use electrical tape or heat shrink tubing around each connection point for added protection against moisture or corrosion.

Finally, you should test both connections by turning on various systems such as headlights, brake lights, signal lights etc., to make sure they are functioning properly after being connected. If everything checks out ok then you have successfully changed your semi truck’s pigtail.

Changing a semi truck’s pigtail may seem intimidating at first but with some patience and careful attention to detail it can be done easily enough. By following these steps you can ensure safe operation of your vehicle while also avoiding potential costly repairs down the line.


Changing a semi truck’s pigtail requires care and attention in order for it to be done safely and correctly. Carefully disconnecting both ends of the old cord before inspecting them for signs of damage; selecting a replacement cord that matches your vehicle’s specifications; attaching one end of it to its connection on your tractor; attaching the other end of it to its connection on your trailer; testing all connections by turning on various systems; are all necessary steps in successfully changing a semi truck’s pigtail.

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