How Do You Change the U-Joint on a Semi Truck?

Maintaining your semi truck is an important task for any trucker. One of the routine maintenance jobs that needs to be done regularly is replacing the U-joints.

The U-joints in a semi truck are parts of the drive shaft, and they allow the drive shaft to rotate while transmitting power from the transmission to the axle. Over time, regular use and vibration can cause them to wear out, so it’s important to replace them when needed.

To change a U-joint on a semi truck, you’ll need some basic tools and supplies. You’ll need a jack, jack stands, socket set, penetrating oil, hammer and chisel, new U-joints, and grease.

Start by jacking up your semi truck so that you can access the U-joints. Make sure to secure the vehicle with jack stands so that it won’t move or fall while you’re working.

Next, remove the bolts from each end of the drive shaft using your socket set. Once you’ve removed all of the bolts, you can take off the drive shaft from your semi truck and take out both old U-joints. Use a hammer and chisel to break off any rust or corrosion that has built up over time.

Now you’ll need to use some penetrating oil on both ends of each new U-joint before inserting them into place on your drive shaft. Make sure they’re lined up correctly before fastening them with bolts. You’ll also want to lubricate each joint with grease before reinstalling it on your semi truck.

Once all of your new U-joints are installed correctly onto your drive shaft, you can reattach it back onto your semi truck. Securely fasten all of the bolts and then lower the vehicle off of its jack stands.


Changing a U-joint on a semi truck is an important part of regular maintenance for any driver. It requires some basic tools and supplies but shouldn’t take too long if done properly. With just a few simple steps like jacking up your vehicle and removing old parts, you should be able to replace those U-joints in no time!

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