How Do You Charge a Kids Monster Truck?

Whether you are introducing a child to the world of remote control vehicles for the first time, or replacing batteries for an old favorite, charging a kids monster truck is a key part of the process. With some basic knowledge and preparation, even the youngest hobbyist can be charging their monster truck with confidence in no time.

Gather The Supplies:

The first step to charging a kid’s monster truck is to gather all of the necessary supplies. This includes the charger, battery, and any cords or adapters that are needed. Some chargers come with these items included, while others may require separate purchases. Make sure that all of the components are compatible with each other before attempting to charge.

Read The Instructions:

Reading through instructions is vital before plugging in any device. Many chargers have specific instructions on how to use them correctly and safely.

Most instructions will include information such as how much voltage each battery should receive and how long it should take to fully charge.

Plug In The Charger:

Once you have gathered all of the supplies and read through the instructions, you can plug in the charger. Be sure to use appropriate outlets and follow any safety guidelines printed on the charger itself. Plugging in an incompatible outlet could cause permanent damage to both your charger and battery.

Connect To The Battery:

Once your charger is plugged in, you can attach it to your battery. Depending on your model of monster truck, this could require connecting directly into the body or using an adapter cable that comes with your charger. Connect both ends firmly into place so that they cannot be easily dislodged during charging.

Monitor Charging Progress:

Finally, keep an eye on your charging progress by monitoring both the LED light indicators on your charger as well as any changes in voltage levels on your battery. Most chargers will shut off automatically once they reach full capacity so there is no need for manual intervention unless something goes wrong.


Charging a kid’s monster truck does not need to be difficult or intimidating when armed with basic knowledge and preparation. By gathering all necessary supplies, reading through instructions carefully, plugging in your charger safely, connecting it securely to your battery, and monitoring its progress throughout charging – you can ensure that both you and your child get maximum enjoyment out of their remote control vehicle.

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