How Do You Draw a Simple Monster Truck?

A Monster Truck is a large vehicle designed to drive over cars, rocks, logs, and other obstacles. It typically has large tires and a powerful engine.

Drawing a simple Monster Truck can be easy and fun for all ages.

To start off, find a plain piece of paper and draw two circles on the page. The circles should be connected at the top to make the cab of the truck.

Make sure they are spaced apart evenly so that it looks realistic.

Next, draw four rectangles onto the page beneath the circles. These rectangles will make up the body of the truck. Add two circles at each end of the rectangles for wheel wells – this will give it a 3D look!

Draw four large circles onto each wheel well for your tires. Finally, draw two lines across each tire to make treads on your Monster Truck.

Make Your Monster Truck Unique:

To make your Monster Truck stand out from all of the others, try adding some details like windows to your cab or headlights at the front of your truck! You can also add flames or monster details like spikes on your tires or around your body panels.


Drawing a simple Monster Truck is an easy way to have some creative fun! Start with two circles to make up the cab, then add rectangles beneath them for the body panels, followed by four large circles for wheels and treads. To make your Monster Truck unique, add windows or headlights to your cab or flames or monster details around its body panels.

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