How Do You Fix a Hole in a Truck Bed Liner?

When you use your truck for work or recreational activities, the chances are that you will end up with a hole in the truck bed liner. Fixing a hole in a truck bed liner is not particularly difficult, and it can be done using materials that are readily available from most hardware stores.

The first step in fixing a hole in a truck bed liner is to take some time to inspect the area around the damage. If there are any signs of rust, this must be addressed before any repairs can be made. Remove any rust using sandpaper and then clean the area with a mild detergent and dry cloth to remove any dust or debris.

Once the area is clean and free of rust, use some self-adhesive repair tape over the hole. This tape will help to seal up the hole while providing some extra protection against further damage.

Next, apply a layer of rubberized coating over the repair tape to provide additional protection against rusting and water damage. Allow this coating to dry completely before proceeding with the next step.

Once the rubberized coating has dried, use an adhesive-backed patch to cover up any remaining holes or cracks in the bed liner. Ensure that all edges are sealed properly by pressing down firmly on all sides of the patch. If necessary, apply additional layers of rubberized coating over this patch for extra protection against water and wear-and-tear damage.

Finally, finish off your repair job by applying an automotive wax or polish over the entire area of repair. This will help protect your new patch from fading or discoloration over time.


Fixing a hole in a truck bed liner is not difficult and can be done using readily available materials from most hardware stores. The process involves cleaning out any rust present, applying self-adhesive repair tape and additional layers of rubberized coating over it before covering it up with an adhesive-backed patch and finishing off with automotive wax or polish.

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