How Do You Get a Motorcycle on a Pickup Truck?

Motorcycles are popular forms of transportation, but transporting them can be difficult. It is possible to use a pickup truck to get your motorcycle from one place to another. One of the most popular methods is using a ramp system.

This involves attaching a ramp to the bed of the truck and then driving the motorcycle up it onto the bed. It’s important to ensure that the ramp is secured properly and that you have someone helping you with this process.

Once on the truck, it’s important to secure the motorcycle properly. You can do this by either using straps or by using tie-downs. Straps are more secure, but they can sometimes be difficult to install and remove.

Tie-downs offer an easier alternative and they also provide better protection against theft or vandalism. Make sure that you use enough tie-downs so that your motorcycle won’t slip off during transport.

If you don’t have access to a ramp system, there are other options for getting your motorcycle onto a pickup truck. One such option is using a lift gate or hoist system.

This involves attaching a device to the back of your truck and then lifting your motorcycle onto it with a pulley system or hydraulic lift gate. This method is often more expensive than using ramps but it does provide more security for your motorcycle during transport.

Another option is to use an enclosed trailer. If you have access to one, this can be an ideal way of transporting your motorcycle from one place to another as it offers complete protection from the elements and any potential damage caused by bumps in the road.


No matter what method you choose, getting a motorcycle on a pickup truck requires careful planning and preparation so that both you and your vehicle stay safe whilst travelling long distances. With proper loading techniques and tools, transporting your bike on a pickup truck can be easy, convenient, and safe!

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