How Do You Get the Tow Truck in LEGO City Undercover?

LEGO City Undercover is a popular and entertaining game for all ages. Players take on the role of Chase McCain, an undercover cop in LEGO City.

The game focuses on catching criminals, and one of the key elements of the game is using a tow truck to get around the city.

Getting the tow truck in LEGO City Undercover can be done fairly easily. The first step is to progress through the main story until you reach Chapter 3.

Once you’ve reached this point, head to Albatross Island and speak to Chief Dunby at the police station. He will give you a mission where you need to retrieve a stolen tow truck from some criminals.

Once you’ve completed this mission, the tow truck will automatically be added to your inventory. You can then use it to travel around LEGO City with ease. It can also be used for some special missions where you have to tow cars or other objects.

The tow truck is an incredibly useful tool in LEGO City Undercover and can make getting around much easier. With it, you can explore every nook and cranny without having to worry about running out of energy or spending too much time trying to get from place to place.


Getting the tow truck in LEGO City Undercover is simple once you reach Chapter 3 of the main story. Speak with Chief Dunby at Albatross Island Police Station and he will give you a mission involving retrieving a stolen tow truck. Once complete, it will automatically be added to your inventory and become available for use throughout your journey throughout LEGO City.

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