How Do You Hardwire a Truck Bed Light?

When it comes to installing a truck bed light, there are two main options: wiring it directly into the vehicle’s electrical system or hardwiring it. Hardwiring is a more permanent solution and provides a reliable connection that won’t be affected by the weather or other elements. It also reduces the risk of an electrical fire, as the wiring isn’t exposed to potential sparks and heat.

When hardwiring a truck bed light, you need to start by finding an appropriate power source. Most vehicles have a 12v power source underneath the dashboard or along the sides of the vehicle.

You can also use power sources from accessories like auxiliary lights, radios and GPS devices. Once you’ve located your power source, you need to find an appropriate relay switch to control your light. This switch should be wired directly into your truck bed light so that it can be triggered when needed.

Next, you need to run the wire from your power source to your relay switch and then from the switch to your truck bed light. This can be done in several ways depending on your vehicle and the specific wiring setup that you have in place.

If you’re unsure about how to wire up the circuit, you should consult a professional electrician for assistance. Once all of the wiring has been completed, make sure that all of your connections are properly secured and insulated with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.

Finally, test out your installation by turning on your truck bed light and making sure that it turns off when switched off at the relay switch. If everything works as expected, then you should be good to go!


Hardwiring a truck bed light is not difficult but requires some basic electrical knowledge. Start by finding an appropriate power source and then run wire from this power source to a relay switch and then from this switch to your truck bed light. Make sure all connections are secured properly with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape before testing out your installation.

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