How Do You Haul a Canoe in a Short Bed Truck?

When it comes time to transport your canoe, you need to have the right knowledge and equipment to do it safely and securely. Most people think of using a trailer to haul their canoe but if you have a short bed truck, you can also use it to transport your canoe. Here are some tips on how to haul a canoe in a short bed truck.

1. Invest in Quality Straps:

The first step is to invest in quality straps that are strong enough to hold your canoe in place.

Look for straps that are adjustable, weather-resistant and provide enough tension when tightened. Make sure the straps are long enough so they can be attached securely around the middle of your canoe.

2. Secure Tiedowns:

Tiedowns should be used as well in order to secure the straps around the canoe and keep it from moving during transit. A good idea is to buy ties that have rubber ends so they won’t scratch or damage the paint on your truck.

3. Place Canoe Properly:

It’s important to place the canoe properly when loading it onto the truck bed.

The best way is by placing it lengthwise and securing it with bungee cords at both ends for stability.

4. Test Drive Before Hitting The Road:

Once you have loaded your canoe onto the truck bed, take a test drive around the block before hitting the road for a longer distance. This will give you an opportunity to make sure everything is secured properly and there is no movement when accelerating or braking.


Hauling a canoe in a short bed truck can be done safely if done properly with quality equipment such as adjustable straps, tiedowns, and bungee cords. Make sure everything is secured properly before hitting the road and take a test drive around the block beforehand as an extra precaution.

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