How Do You Haul a Canoe in a Truck Bed?

Hauling a canoe in a truck bed may seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and equipment, it can be done quickly and safely. Before attempting to haul a canoe, it’s important to make sure the truck is properly outfitted with the necessary accessories.

Of course, having a truck with an open bed is essential for hauling the canoe. Additionally, it’s important to have tie-down straps or other securing devices that can be used to attach the canoe to the bed of the truck. Securing devices should be rated for heavy-duty use and should be able to handle the weight of the canoe.

Once you have all of your equipment ready, you can begin loading your canoe onto the truck bed. It’s best to place padding or blankets on either side of the truck bed before loading in order to protect both your vehicle and your canoe from damage during transport.

Make sure that all cargo is secured properly before beginning transport by using tie-down straps or other securing devices. For larger canoes or those that are too long for one tie-down strap, multiple straps may need to be used.

When transporting a canoe in a truck bed, it’s also important to be aware of any laws that may apply in your area regarding overhanging cargo. In many areas, overhanging cargo must be secured and covered while being transported on public roads. After loading up your canoe and making sure that all laws are being followed, you’re ready to hit the road!


Hauling a canoe in a truck bed may seem intimidating at first but with proper preparation and equipment it can be done easily and safely. Be sure to have all necessary equipment such as tie-down straps and padding or blankets for protection before beginning transport. Additionally, make sure you are aware of any laws regarding overhanging cargo in your area before hitting the road.

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