How Do You Hotwire a Pickup Truck?

Hotwiring a pickup truck is a skill that can prove invaluable in an emergency. Whether you lost your keys or accidentally locked them inside the vehicle, being able to start the vehicle without them can get you back on the road in no time. Despite its usefulness, hotwiring a pickup truck should only be attempted as a last resort, and with extreme caution.

Once you have determined that it is safe and necessary to attempt to hotwire the truck, you will need some basic supplies.

The most important of these are a pair of pliers and wire strippers. You will also need some electrical tape, which can be used to secure any loose wiring or connections. Additionally, it is helpful to have an automotive wiring diagram for your particular make and model of pickup truck.

The first step in hotwiring a pickup truck is to locate the wiring harness under the dashboard. This harness connects all of the electrical components together and provides power for the vehicle’s starting system. Once you have located it, use your pliers to pry off any plastic covers or insulation that may be blocking access.

From here, look for two wires with metal connectors at their ends; these will usually be red and yellow in color. Use your wire strippers to remove about ¼ inch of insulation from each wire. Then twist each exposed wire around its counterpart before securing them together using electrical tape.

Next, locate the starter motor under the hood of your truck. It will usually be located on either side of the engine block and should have two wires connected to it; one will be black while the other is usually white or silver in color.

Use your pliers to detach these wires from their connectors before attaching them to either end of your newly connected red and yellow wires from inside the cabin. Secure them together again with electrical tape before replacing any plastic covers or insulation that may have been removed earlier.

Finally, turn on your ignition switch and attempt to start up your engine by pressing down firmly on the accelerator pedal while turning over the key in the ignition.

Hotwiring a pickup truck requires knowledge about automotive wiring systems as well as a few basic tools such as pliers and wire strippers. If done properly, it can prove invaluable in an emergency situation when all other options have been exhausted. However, due caution should always be taken when attempting this task.

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