How Do You Install a Diesel Heater in a Truck Camper?

Installing a diesel heater in your truck camper can be a great way to keep yourself warm and comfortable when you’re out on the road. Diesel heaters are reliable, efficient, and simple to install. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose Your Heater. The first step is choosing the right heater for your needs. Consider factors like size, power output, noise level, and fuel consumption. You may also want to think about whether you want a manual or automatic model.
  • Mount the Heater. Once you’ve chosen your heater, it’s time to mount it in your truck camper. Make sure there is a suitable space available for mounting and that the area is free from any obstructions. Mark where you will need to drill holes for mounting screws.
  • Install Fuel Lines. The next step is installing the fuel lines.

    Most diesel heaters come with flexible fuel lines that can be easily fitted with just basic tools. Make sure all connections are secure and make sure there are no leaks before continuing.

  • Wire up the Heater. Now it’s time to wire up the heater. This can be done with either 12V or 24V wiring depending on what type of system you have in your camper. Make sure all connections are properly secured before continuing.
  • Test the Heater. Once everything has been installed and wired up, it’s time to test the heater. Turn on the power supply and make sure everything is working as expected before using it for real.


Installing a diesel heater in your truck camper can be a great way to stay warm no matter where you go. With some basic tools and knowledge of electrical wiring, anyone can do this job quickly and efficiently. Just remember to choose the right size heater for your needs, mount it securely, install fuel lines correctly, wire up correctly, and test everything before using it for real!

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