How Do You Install a Truck Bed Extender?

Truck bed extenders are a great way to add extra storage space to your vehicle. They can also be used to transport larger items such as kayaks, canoes, and other bulky objects.

Installing a truck bed extender is relatively simple and requires only basic tools.

The first step is to find the right extender for your truck. Measure the length of your truck bed, and then select an extender that will fit the length of your bed. Be sure to measure both the length of the bed and the width of the bed in order to get an accurate measurement.

Once you have selected an extender, you will need to attach it to your truck. Most extenders come with mounting brackets that need to be attached to your truck’s frame with bolts or screws. Be sure to use the correct size bolts for your particular make and model of truck.

After attaching the mounting brackets, you will then need to attach the extender itself. Depending on the type of extender you have chosen, it may require additional tools such as drill bits or screwdrivers in order to properly secure it into place. Once everything is securely in place, you should be able adjust the height or width of your bed extender if necessary.


Installing a truck bed extender is relatively easy and straightforward if you have access to basic tools and follow instructions closely. By selecting an appropriate size for your vehicle and securely mounting it with provided hardware, you can quickly add a great deal of additional storage space without much effort.

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