How Do You Install a Wooden Bed in a Truck?

Installing a wooden bed in a truck is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right materials, some basic carpentry knowledge and a bit of patience, you can have your truck bed up and running in no time.

The first step is to measure the bed of your truck. This will help you determine how large of a wooden bed you will need to purchase. You can find these sizes at any lumberyard or home improvement store.

Once you have your measurements, you can begin constructing the frame for the wooden bed. Be sure to use strong lumber and galvanized nails or screws to ensure that the frame is secure and sturdy.

Once the frame is constructed, attach it securely to the sides of the truck bed with galvanized screws or bolts.

Next, attach wood slats to the top of the frame. This will create a flat surface on which to place your mattress and other items when needed. Make sure that all slats are securely attached with galvanized nails or screws before continuing on.

Finally, add a layer of foam padding. This will provide cushioning for both your mattress and items stored in the truck bed. Cut out pieces of foam padding to fit over each wood slat and secure with carpet tape or glue.

Once all steps are complete, you should be able to enjoy your new wooden truck bed! With proper care and maintenance, this installation should last for many years.


Installing a wooden bed in a truck is not difficult if you have the right materials, carpentry knowledge and patience. Measure your truck’s bed first so that you know what size of lumber to purchase for construction.

Build a sturdy frame for support then attach wood slats on top for flat surfaces on which to place mattresses and other items when needed. Lastly add foam padding for cushioning before enjoying your new wooden truck bed!

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