How Do You Install RC Car Smoke?

RC car smoke is a great way to add a realistic effect to your RC car. It can be used for creating an exciting racing atmosphere, or simply for added realism.

Installing smoke for your RC car is relatively easy and requires minimal setup.

The first step is to purchase the necessary items for the installation. You will need an RC smoke kit, which typically includes a smoke generator, tubing, and mounting brackets.

Make sure to purchase the correct size of smoke generator that is compatible with your RC car’s engine size.

Once you have the necessary items, you will need to prepare your RC car for installation. Start by disconnecting the battery and removing any body panels or wheel covers that may be obstructing access to the engine compartment. Once this is done, you can begin the installation process.

Begin by mounting the smoke generator on a secure bracket. Make sure that it is firmly secured in place so it won’t move when in use.

Next, attach one end of the tubing to the generator and run it through the back of your car body towards the exhaust pipe. Securely attach both ends of the tubing in place with zip ties or other secure fasteners.

Now you are ready to connect the generator to your RC car’s power supply. Depending on your specific model, this connection will either be made directly to your battery or through an external power source such as an ESC (electronic speed control). When connecting everything together, make sure all connections are secure and free from corrosion.

Finally, turn on your RC car and let it idle for a few seconds before activating the smoke generator. This will allow any air bubbles that may have formed in the tubing during installation time to escape before you start using it.


Installing RC car smoke is relatively easy and requires minimal setup if done correctly. By following these steps above you should have no problem getting your RC car smoking along in no time!

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