How Do You Install Tow Truck Dollies?

Installing tow truck dollies is a relatively easy process. With the right equipment and instructions, you can have your truck up and running in no time. Here are the steps to ensure a smooth installation.

Step 1: Gather the necessary materials needed for installation. This includes two tow truck dollies, a set of wrenches, a power drill, bolts, and nuts. Make sure you have all the necessary components before beginning.

Step 2: Place your tow truck onto level ground. This will help ensure that the installation process is as easy as possible.

Step 3: Place one of the tow truck dollies under each side of the truck’s frame. Make sure that they are aligned properly, so that they can evenly bear the weight of your vehicle.

Step 4: Secure each dolly with bolts and nuts. Use a wrench to tighten them until they are secure. Be careful not to over-tighten them, as this may cause damage to your vehicle.

Step 5: Use a power drill to make holes in each of the mounting brackets on the tow truck dollies. This will allow you to attach them securely to your vehicle’s frame.

Step 6: Attach the mounting brackets using bolts and nuts. Again use a wrench to tighten them securely. Once all four mounting brackets are secure, you are ready for the next step.

Step 7: Install any additional hardware or accessories that may be required for your particular model of tow truck dolly. This may include lights or straps for securing cargo.

Step 8: Test out your new tow truck dolly by lifting up one side of your vehicle and gently lowering it onto the dolly’s platform. Make sure that all connections are secure before driving with it attached.

< p > Installing tow truck dollies is an easy process if you have all of the right equipment and instructions at hand . With proper preparation and attention , you can have your new set up in no time .

< p >< b >Conclusion : Installing tow truck dollies is relatively simple given that you have all of the necessary materials and instructions . Simply place one on each side of your frame , secure it with bolts and nuts , attach any additional hardware or accessories , then test out its functionality before driving with it attached . With these steps , you will be able to install your own tow truck in no time .

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