How Do You Jack Up a Pickup Truck?

If you’re an off-roader, camper, or a weekend project enthusiast, chances are you’ve asked yourself: “How do I jack up my pickup truck?” It’s an important question. After all, jacking up a pickup is the only way to safely access the undercarriage for repairs or modifications.

Luckily, jacking up your truck is relatively easy. All you need is a few basic tools and some general safety knowledge. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Find A Level Surface

The first step to jacking up your truck is finding a level surface to work on. This is especially important if you plan on making repairs or modifications while the truck is elevated. Make sure the ground surface is solid and level before moving further.

Step 2: Park Your Truck On The Level Surface And Engage Parking Brake

Once you’ve found a suitable level surface, park your truck and engage the parking brake. Make sure it’s firmly set in place before proceeding with any other steps.

Step 3: Position Jack Stands Under The Truck Frame

Next, position two jack stands under your truck frame – one on either side of the frame – so they’re secure and evenly spaced out. Make sure they are firmly planted on the ground before attempting to jack up the vehicle.

Step 4: Lift The Truck Frame With A Floor Jack

Now it’s time to lift your truck frame with a floor jack. Start by placing the jack head directly underneath one of your truck frame’s crossmembers and slowly pump it until contact is made with the frame rail. Now start pumping again until the desired height is achieved (we recommend around three feet for most repair/modification work). Once you’ve reached that height, make sure both sides of your vehicle are even before proceeding with any other steps.

Step 5: Secure Jack Stands Under Vehicle Frame

Secure both jack stands under your vehicle frame – one on each side – so they’re secured in place and will not move when weight is applied (such as when someone walks around underneath). Make sure they are firmly in place before attempting any repairs or modifications.

Step 6: Lower Floor Jack And Remove From Under Vehicle Frame

Once both jack stands are securely in place and can hold weight safely, lower your floor jack slowly until it’s removed from underneath your vehicle frame (make sure both sides of your vehicle are still even). Now that all tools have been used and removed from underneath the vehicle frame, it’s safe to proceed with any repairs or modifications.

Jacking up a pickup truck isn’t difficult once you know how to do it correctly – just be sure to take all necessary safety precautions while doing so! With some basic tools and knowledge of proper procedure, jacking up a pickup can be done in no time.


Jacking up an automobile can be intimidating at first glance but following these six steps will ensure that you get it done safely and correctly every time! Remember to always follow safety procedures when working around heavy machinery such as trucks for best results.

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