How Do You Keep Luggage Dry in a Truck Bed?

Keeping luggage dry in a truck bed is an important task and requires a few key steps to ensure success. The most important step is to cover the bed of the truck with a tarp, as this will prevent water from entering the bed and getting your luggage wet.

Another important step is to secure the tarp tightly so that it does not come loose during transit. This can be done by tying it down with bungee cords or using straps that are designed for this purpose.

In addition, you should always make sure that the box or container containing your luggage is waterproof or water-resistant. This will help protect your belongings from any moisture that may get in through small holes in the tarp. It’s also helpful to use packing material such as bubble wrap or foam to cushion your belongings and keep them dry if any moisture does enter the truck bed.

Finally, you should check on your luggage periodically during transit to make sure that everything is dry and safe. If you notice moisture entering the truck bed, you may need to adjust your tarp or take other measures in order to make sure that your belongings remain dry.


Keeping luggage dry in a truck bed requires several steps including covering the bed with a tarp, securing it tightly, using waterproof containers for storage, and periodically checking for moisture buildup. Taking these precautions will help ensure that your belongings remain safe and dry during transit.

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