How Do You Light Up a Truck Bed?

Lighting up a truck bed can be a fun and useful addition to any vehicle. Truck beds are great for hauling heavy loads, but they can be difficult to see in the dark.

Installing lights in the truck bed can help you easily see what you’re carrying, as well as improve overall safety while driving at night.

There are several types of lights that can be used to light up a truck bed. The most common type is LED strip lights, which are easy to install and provide a bright light that is perfect for illuminating the bed of your truck.

You’ll need to decide how many lights you want and where they should go in order to get the best coverage of your entire truck bed.

Another option is floodlights, which offer a more focused beam of light compared to LED strip lights. Floodlights are typically more expensive than LED strip lights, but they may be worth it if you need more concentrated lighting for your cargo area.

Installing Lights:

Once you have chosen the type of light that you want for your truck bed, it’s time to install them. First off, make sure that your battery is disconnected before starting work on your vehicle. This will help prevent any potential damage from occurring during installation.

You’ll need some basic tools such as screwdrivers, wire cutters and crimpers in order to complete the installation process. You’ll also need some electrical tape and connectors if your kit didn’t come with them included.


After gathering all of your supplies, you’ll need to run wiring from the battery (or another power source) through the firewall into the cab of the truck so that power can reach the lights in the bed of the truck.

You’ll then need to run a separate wire from each light back towards the power source. Make sure all connections are properly secured with electrical tape or connectors, and all wires should be carefully tucked away so they don’t get damaged or snag on something while driving.


Once all wires are connected and secured properly, it’s time to test out your new lighting system! Turn on each light one at a time and make sure they turn on without any problems or flickering.

Lighting up a truck bed can be both fun and useful! Whether you choose LED strip lights or floodlights, installing them correctly will ensure that your cargo area is safely illuminated when driving at night. With some basic tools and wiring knowledge, anyone can easily add lighting to their truck bed and enjoy improved visibility while hauling heavy loads.

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